No-Code Conf 2021 - Animation
Loading text animation
Vote by mail | Animation
App icon progress (just for fun)
Roc.kit Logo Research
Event Screen
Machine Learning Discovery Home Page
Machine Learning Value Props Pages
Fairy Light | Self-Help Concept App
Ride Mapper | Itinerary favorites
The Fluff • Logo
Alarm Screen Concept
Hydrolin Logo / Logo Collection No.1
Welcome Page
Hourglass Icon
Perfume Identifier Illustration
Toxic Mushroom
Waving bear (+ turorial)
Task Management Screen
Folder Selector
Luvly UI Kit | Music player use case
Line Chart
Neon City
Glossy Dragon Fruit
Meg Wehrlen icon showing a character design as self portrait. It has a noir vintage cartoon style. Vector black and white design work.
Who dis?

Meg, designer in San Francisco, CA.
Does branding, animation, illustration, UIUX, a dash of CSS and pet walking.

Enjoys puzzles, city building games, maps, random fun facts, most animals, earning badges, and tropical plants.